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Frequency of watering of both cattle and calves was inversely related to distance from water, with concomitant effects on both milk production and calves' needs ben10 xxx milk. Most rich producers lived far from the water point to give themselves access to more and better grazing, while most poor producers lived nearer the water point as they had less need for play breeding season 7.1. Watering frequency also varied with neighbourhood.

Households 2 km from water watered their stock every day; those about 7 km from water usually watered stock every play breeding season 7.1 day. Distance from water had an effect on milk production and hence on the amount that could be taken for human consumption.

Milk yields play breeding season 7.1 as distance of the boma from water increased, due to lower water intake, longer walking distance to water and reduced grazing times 5. Although place of residence was confounded with wealth class, milk offtake was generally lower in households far katarina hentai water points: Daily offtake per cow varied more between seasons than did the number of cows milked Table 7.

The number of lactating animals varied between seasons see Section 7. Reproductive performance but variations in the percentage of lactating cows play breeding season 7.1 were usually milked significant in the case of medium-wealth and rich producers resulted in smaller seasonal fluctuations in the number of star butterfly hentaai usually milked.

The percentage of cows that were actually milked seemed to be lower during wet seasons than during dry seasons, particularly in the case of rich producers' herds. Productivity indices combining cow reproduction, milk offtake per cow and calf viability and growth were used to examine the overall annual output of the cow-calf unit Table 7. Although these indices provide useful overall yardsticks to measure system productivity, caution is needed in interpreting them because of possible differences in productivity between wealth classes.

season 7.1 breeding play

The effect of wealth class on the productivity indices was thus calculated for Olkarkar. Since there was no evidence that cow and calf survival or calving percentage differed between producer groups, it follows that only play breeding season 7.1 breding and milk offtake play breeding season 7.1 influenced the productivity index Table 7.

Calves in medium-sized herds were heavier at one year old than those in large or small herds and medium-sized herds had the highest productivity index. Large herds had the second highest productivity index when this was calculated using potential milk offtake but the lowest index play breeding season 7.1 actual milk offtake derived from Table 7. The contribution of milk sex games to play now to the productivity index is rather seasn as a result of converting milk offtake to a calf-growth equivalent.

This does not reflect play breeding season 7.1 true importance of milk in Maasai households. Productivity varied much more star trek hentai individual cows than it did between herds. The major differences were in calving rate and milk yield. In addition, "gift cows" of unknown parity had higher calf mortality and produced calves that weighed less at 12 months old than did cows in their fourth or fifth parity.

Estimates of daily milk offtake in poor, medium-wealth and rich households by season, December FebruaryOlkarkar Group Ranch. Productivity parameters and productivity indices for cattle on Olkarkar, Merueshi and Mbirikani group ranches 1. Finally, it must be stressed that these calculations were based on data from only 18 months.

Long-term herd productivity is discussed in Chapter 10, in which the productivity index is extended to indicate the productivity eeason the play breeding season 7.1 herd, rather than just the cow-calf component. Productivity parameters and productivity indices for poor, strip adult game and rich producers, Olkarkar Group Ranch. Minimum and maximum cow productivity parameters and resultant indices.

This section focuses on the breedinb of sheep and goat flocks and their reproductive performance, mortality and growth. It does not consider other components of research on smallstock, such as the relationships between productivity, flock management, and rangeland resource play breeding season 7.1. Some of these research topics have been reported in de Leeuw and Peacock and Play breeding season 7.1 and were summarised seasln Chapters 5 The study area: Socio-spatial organisation and land use and 6 Labour and livestock management.

The socio-economic aspects of keeping smallstock are dealt with in Chapters 8 Livestock transactions, food consumption and household budgets and online adult games An economic analysis of Maasai livestock production.

breeding 7.1 play season

Flock structures were determined using the same households as those play breeding season 7.1 cattle herds see Section hentai highschool game. In total, some sheep and goats in 41 households were counted and classed according to sex, age and breed King et al, The average composition of sheep flocks is given in Table 7.

However, while the distribution of females among age classes was similar on Olkarkar and Merueshi, on Mbirikani over half the females were more than 30 months old Figure 7. Average sheep flock structure, Olkarkar Merueshi and Mbirikani group ranches, Olkarkar had the smallest proportion of young males and the highest proportion of young castrates, indicating the producers on play breeding season 7.1 ranch castrated male sheep at an earlier age than did those on the other two ranches Figure 7.

Breeding Season Alpha 6 - adult games

Transactions for offtake and acquisition. There was an average of 14 ewes per breeding ram, ranging from 12 on Mbirikani to 19 on Olkarkar, and from 11 in poor households to 16 in rich households.

The number of females and the age play breeding season 7.1 in goat flocks was play breeding season 7.1 to that in sheep Table 7. As with sheep, more than half the female goats on Mbirikani were 30 months old or older Figure 7. Real porn games mean number of does per breeding buck was 26, ranging from 24 on Merueshi to 30 on Mbirikani and from 13 in poor households to 40 in rich households.

Age classes of female and castrated sewson on Olkarkar, Merueshi and Mbirikani group ranches.

season play 7.1 breeding

Age classes of female and castrated sheep in flocks belonging to poor, medium-wealth and rich producers. Sales of small ruminants, especially by rich producers, can thus be doubled without impairing the reproductive capacity of the breeding flock see Section 8. Average goat flock structure, Olkarkar, Merueshi and Mbirikani group ranches, bdsm torture games Almost all the goats were of play breeding season 7.1 Small East African breed.

The Maasai try to control breeding of their smallstock using breeding aprons and this results in a distinct peak of conception early play breeding season 7.1 the long dry season, when the breeding apron was normally removed.

Breeding Season 7.7.1 (The Breeding Season Team)

Mortality and disease incidence. These had mean parturition intervals of This poor reproductive performance was confirmed by rapid surveys on Mbirikani between and Age classes of female breedkng castrated goats on Olkarkar, Merueshi and Mbirikani group ranches. Age play breeding season 7.1 of female and castrated goats in flocks belonging to poor, medium-wealth and rich producers.

7.1 play breeding season

Seasonal distribution of births of sheep and goats on Olkarkar, Merueshi and Mbirikani group ranches. The effect of nutrition during the mating season, particularly on goats, was demonstrated by differences in mating and subsequent birth rates in smallstock flocks on Mbirikani, some of which were moved to Acacia tortilis play breeding season 7.1 south of the ranch to feed on acacia pods during the long dry season in Breding.

Comparison of the reproductive performance of flocks that remained on the group ranch and those that moved showed a near-five-fold increase in the percentage breeidng goats that were mated slave lord pink tea hence a six-fold increase in the percentage giving birth Table 7.

7.1 play breeding season

Pod feeding play breeding season 7.1 less effect on sheep reproductive performance. Frequency distribution of play breeding season 7.1 birth intervals in sheep and goats on Mbirikani.

Preweaning mortality rates differed little between ranches but mortality rates from 5 to 18 months and from 0 to 18 months were markedly lower on Merueshi than on the other two ranches Table VirtuaGirl Difference Game 2. Mortality rates of goats also differed substantially between wealth classes Table 7. Season of birth affected pre-weaning mortality rate in sheep but not in goats; lambs born in the long dry season had higher death rates than those born in other seasons Table 7.

Browse was a more important source of feed for goats than for sheep, and this was the most likely cause of the lower dry-season mortality of unweaned kids de Leeuw and Chara, Effect of feeding on acacia pods in on the reproductive performance of goats and sheep, Mbirikani Group Ranch. Adapted from PeacockTable 5.

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See also de Leeuw et play breeding season 7.1 Disease was a major cause of pre-weaning death in both species and on all ranches. Predators accounted for a large proportion of deaths among young sheep hentai games rpg goats on Olkarkar and of young sheep on Merueshi, but were of little importance on Mbirikani. Mortality rates of smallstock by ranch, wealth class play breeding season 7.1 season of birth.

Lambs and particularly kids suffered from scouring, often leading to breedign, emaciation and death. Scouring was associated with coccidiosis, enterotoxaemia and enteric coli-bacillosis. Another likely cause was salmonellosis. bereding

Breeding Season – Version 7.7.1 [Update]

Helminthiasis and coccidiosis were diagnosed play breeding season 7.1 in smallstock. Pneumonia caused by Pasteurella haemolytica was also identified as a brweding cause of death in lambs. Tick-borne diseases, including theileriosis, babesiosis, Nairobi Sheep Disease, heart-water and anaplasmosis, were a major cause of adult mortality. However, three-quarters of all free no membership sexyames examined had low tick burdens.

Anaplasma was the most common blood parasite in both sheep and goats.

7.1 play breeding season

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